Kelly Blanchard’s I’m Still Alive (Chronicles of Lorrek Book 3)

I’m Still Alive.

Lorrek 3

Never have those three words held so much weight. In Kelly Blanchard’s third Chronicles of Lorrek book that phrase holds sway in ways that, I as reader, would have never expected. This book is full of twists and turns and unseen consequences. About the time we all think we know what is happening and what the rest of the story may hold, Ms. Blanchard throws on a yet another roller coaster of conflicting emotions and thoughts. It is writers like this make me love reading. I rarely read this style of high fantasy and cross genre, but with every new tale Ms. Blanchard weaves I find myself bouncing with anticipation for the next piece of the journey to come to light. With in depth characters, intense story arches, plot twists that leave the reader dizzy, and emotional roller coasters the likes of which are seldom seen, this book takes you by the hand and does not leave one wanting for anything. And in her last words on the very last page she leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, practically gasping in shock and awe… I have said it before and I will say it again, this amazing Indie author is one of a kind and worth the read every single time! I can’t wait for the next installment in Lorrek’s tale.

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Character Interview: Dave D’Alessio’s Forest

Meeting With The Muse

I ventured into the world of FANTASY/HUMOR author, Dave D’Alessio’s, story ‘The Yak Butter Diaries’ to meet his character, Forest, and asked him some questions. In this interview, ‘Kelly’ was written by me, Kelly Blanchard, and ‘Forest’ was written by Dave D’Alessio.


A light snow fell the night before, and for long stretched the prairie was nothing more than a white sheet. It did not snow heavily this far south, and the warmth of the sun rising to the east suggested that the blanket would not last long.

The road was empty. People around here had hunkered down for the winter, living off what they had stored, and what they hunted, and what they could draw from their herds. During the winter here people kept each other warm inside. They had plenty of traveling to do once the spring muds had hardened up, driving their herds north to the great…

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Character Interview: Nan Sampson’s Charlie

Love these character interviews

Meeting With The Muse

Over the last year or so, I’ve interviewed many of Nan Sampson’s characters. One of those characters was Charlie. If you would like to read the first interview I conducted with him, you can find it on Nan Sampson’s site here: 

In this interview, I was able to catch up with Charlie and see how life was treating him.


Charlie McCallum sat in one of a pair of broad, chintz-covered, wing back chairs in front of the fireplace in the study of the Birches Inn, crossing one leg over the other and vice versa, drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair.  He ran long fingers through his mop of curls, which had grown overlong during his recuperation from his broken leg.  He really needed to find a place in Horizon to get it cut—maybe Per, his new landlord of sorts, could recommend a…

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Character Interview: Arthur David’s Blackmail

Meeting With The Muse

I had the opportunity to sit down with Arthur David’s fictional secret agent, Blackmail, from his sci-fi spy thriller novel ‘Agents of the Third Party’. I learned some things about her agency, The Third Party, as well as her own motives to work for them. 


BlackMail sat on a stone bench that was out on her estate. It was still a little crisp outside in New York at this time of year, but not so bad that she felt the need to be inside. Water babbled through a fountain behind her, the sound helping to calm her. Trees surrounded the yard, each flanked by heaters keeping the bats that live there warm throughout the year.

She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for an interview to start that she shouldn’t be having. The Party didn’t look nicely on anyone that gives out information on them, but she was going…

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Author Interview: Arthur David

Meeting With The Muse

In this interview, I met with sci-fi spy thriller author, Arthur David, to discuss his new book ‘Agents of the Third Party’. This is our meeting. ‘Kelly’ was written by me, Kelly Blanchard, and ‘Arthur’ was written by Arthur David.


Night had come, and Kelly came to the observatory where Arthur David asked her to meet him for the interview. She gazed around at the clear view of the night sky this place offered, and she smiled. It reminded her a lot of home, living in the country with millions of stars overhead every night without the pollution of too much light. She’d never been to an observatory although she always wanted to visit one, so this would be interesting.

Stepping into it, she found the massive chamber empty of people. “Hello?” She called out, and then she passed through, going out back where she found someone looking through a…

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Author Interview: Christy Mann

Meeting With The Muse

During this interview, I met with Christy Mann, author of thepsychological thriller ‘Death of a Secret’ and got to know more of the author behind the story and what prompted her to write the book. 


Lounging under a shade on a white sandy beach with white wine in hand, Kelly smiled as the ocean wind brushed against her. This fictional setting was a nice escape from the January weather of real life. Her interviewee specifically requested this, including white wine, and Kelly was more than happy to oblige. A waiter even stood nearby to serve them.

“Your guest, madam,” he told her with a bow.

While Kelly had insisted he didn’t need to bow to her, she had given up earlier on and simply settled in for the experience. When she heard what he said, she looked down the pathway leading to her shade, and she smiled, rising to…

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