Monster Within

Monster Within

I don’t usually share these little insights into my head. But I figured, what the hell, why not. Take from it what you will… J.R.


I lay alone, in a bed gone cold

No arms to hold me, and quiet the pain

No arms to hold the monsters at bay

I cry silently, my face dry after all these nights alone

I curl in on myself and pray

Pray that this night will not be like all the rest

Pray that this night I might get some rest

I know the monsters are real

I can see them inside my head

I can feel them causing dread

I hear their laughter and glee

As I close myself down and hide away

They call to me, they bid me come and play

They taunt me for hiding that part of me

They mock me for not letting myself out

If only they knew how much I want to come out

How much I need to play with them too

If only they knew how much it hurt me to not join in their games

How it breaks something in me every time I say no to their sweetest invitations

I want to let myself out

I want to go play with all other monsters

I want to be free of my self-Imposed chains and drift away

But then who would I be, if I embraced the monster in me?


“Monsters Within”

J.R. Fyre Dancer 8/10/2016