Kelly Blanchard’s I’m Still Alive (Chronicles of Lorrek Book 3)

I’m Still Alive.

Lorrek 3

Never have those three words held so much weight. In Kelly Blanchard’s third Chronicles of Lorrek book that phrase holds sway in ways that, I as reader, would have never expected. This book is full of twists and turns and unseen consequences. About the time we all think we know what is happening and what the rest of the story may hold, Ms. Blanchard throws on a yet another roller coaster of conflicting emotions and thoughts. It is writers like this make me love reading. I rarely read this style of high fantasy and cross genre, but with every new tale Ms. Blanchard weaves I find myself bouncing with anticipation for the next piece of the journey to come to light. With in depth characters, intense story arches, plot twists that leave the reader dizzy, and emotional roller coasters the likes of which are seldom seen, this book takes you by the hand and does not leave one wanting for anything. And in her last words on the very last page she leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, practically gasping in shock and awe… I have said it before and I will say it again, this amazing Indie author is one of a kind and worth the read every single time! I can’t wait for the next installment in Lorrek’s tale.

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Character Interview: Dave D’Alessio’s Forest

Meeting With The Muse

I ventured into the world of FANTASY/HUMOR author, Dave D’Alessio’s, story ‘The Yak Butter Diaries’ to meet his character, Forest, and asked him some questions. In this interview, ‘Kelly’ was written by me, Kelly Blanchard, and ‘Forest’ was written by Dave D’Alessio.


A light snow fell the night before, and for long stretched the prairie was nothing more than a white sheet. It did not snow heavily this far south, and the warmth of the sun rising to the east suggested that the blanket would not last long.

The road was empty. People around here had hunkered down for the winter, living off what they had stored, and what they hunted, and what they could draw from their herds. During the winter here people kept each other warm inside. They had plenty of traveling to do once the spring muds had hardened up, driving their herds north to the great…

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Character Interview: Nan Sampson’s Charlie

Love these character interviews

Meeting With The Muse

Over the last year or so, I’ve interviewed many of Nan Sampson’s characters. One of those characters was Charlie. If you would like to read the first interview I conducted with him, you can find it on Nan Sampson’s site here: 

In this interview, I was able to catch up with Charlie and see how life was treating him.


Charlie McCallum sat in one of a pair of broad, chintz-covered, wing back chairs in front of the fireplace in the study of the Birches Inn, crossing one leg over the other and vice versa, drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair.  He ran long fingers through his mop of curls, which had grown overlong during his recuperation from his broken leg.  He really needed to find a place in Horizon to get it cut—maybe Per, his new landlord of sorts, could recommend a…

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Quick Review of Katika Schneider’s “Devotion (The Afflicted Saga: Tale of the Fallen) (Volume 1)”

Quick Review of Katika Schneider’s “Devotion (The Afflicted Saga: Tale of the Fallen) (Volume 1)”

Katika Schneider creates a fantasy universe full of magic, wonder, death, and destruction. Her characters come to life off of the page and beg you to hear their stories. Each of the main host of characters is distinct in their personage and ways of life. Each monster and villain she creates leaves you cheering for the good guys and snarling at the bad. From one moment to the next I found myself in awe, in fear, in joy, and in tears. devotionShe weaves a tale that holds you close from the start and has you chasing to be closer by the paragraph. I was truly amazed at how well written each piece of this story was. I am happy to say that I can add Ms. Schneider to my ever growing collection of new favorite Indie Authors. And, I simply can’t wait for the story to continue. Thank you for the adventure….

Review of Kelly Blanchard’s “I Still Have A Soul (Chronicles of Lorrek Book 2)”

Review of Kelly Blanchard’s “I Still Have A Soul (Chronicles of Lorrek Book 2)”


I recently had the joy and the pleasure as well as the honor of reading and reviewing Kelly Blanchard’s latest book in her Chronicles of Lorrek Series. Let me just say that if you have not read her first book, Someday I’ll Be Redeemed, it is a must read. Kelly is such an artist with words that one finds themselves falling into her universe and never wanting to come back.



In this second book in the Chronicles of Lorrek (I Still Have A Soul) I found myself being pulled along as if in a riptide of constant action. From the first page to the very last I was drawn into a world of constant action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and political intrigue all wrapped in a beautiful package of ridiculously articulate and well written words on a page. While this is not something I would normally read, I have my genres that I tend to stick to, I was fascinated by the first book in the series and simply couldn’t stop myself from diving head first into the next one.  While new characters were introduced the base characters were still very much in the forefront of every major scene. Kingdoms that had been mentioned in passing in the first book were further explored in this book. So many scenes of sheer action, where I as the reader, was dragged under and refused to surface for air until things slowed down, hit me at every turn. I flew through this book and had to go back and read it a second time just to catch little nuances that made the journey even better than the first time. I know that when the next book is released I will be absorbed into the universe Ms. Blanchard has created yet again, and I will do so with a smile of glee. Such a great read. I can’t wait for more. May the journey of our hero continue with as much intrigue and glorious story telling as the last two pieces…

~J.R. O’Bryant