Author Interview: D. L. Pitchford

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Dana was written by D. L. Pitchford.)

Kelly finished clearing off a space on a shelf in her Muse Shop and nodded content. She’d finally taken the time to make room for more items she’d collected from the story realm, so she needed to retrieve them, but she heard the door chime first, so she stepped back and a woman enter her shop, her gaze taking in the quaint little place.

Kelly stepped away from the shelf and smiled at her visitor. “Hi, I’m Kelly Blanchard. Welcome to my shop. Please come in! You must be D. L. Pitchford. Wonderful to meet you! Would you care for some freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookies? Or something to drink before we go and sit down to chat?”

Dana looked up from admiring the wares on the shelves at the sound of the voice, and her…

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