Catching up is hard to do….

Catching up is hard to do….

I realize I have been lacking in my writing. I have not been feeding my blog followers any fun tidbits. I am not keeping updates on my Author Page. I’m not even posting about writing.

I know… Bad author, no cookie!

My life kind of blew up in my face. Me and mine are going through a lot of unforeseeable changes and goings on. We have a very long and very hard journey that we are on, but we are good at surviving. It’s just a lot to handle right now.

Before you ask, yes… I am still writing. Every single day in fact. I am still working on the next Krystianna book. I promise you it will get finished when it is ready to be finished. I rewrote the first 16 chapters about 5 times before everything and everyone fell into place and all my characters are finally happy where things are. My muse and I are also very happy with where the story has built up to. We are coming to a very sharp crescendo and I am hoping that my characters and I have the rapport to make this happen as smoothly as possible. Blood, sweat, and tears are all going to happen (and have happened) before this story is finally ready to be read by anyone outside my small group of loyal helpers and writers.

I am also doing a wicked and more than slightly stressful amount of other work on other projects for so many people, it is almost funny at this point. I am desperately trying to make sure my youngest daughter gets the education and educational help that she needs. But this means that I am with her for every private and small group lesson and session. It means that I have to be in the background playing conductor to a zillion and one trains of thought and processing for her to get everything she needs. I love my daughter and I would do anything to make sure she had everything she needed. I am also doing two very different research projects for other family members. And yep, I volunteered to help. Why, you may ask? Because apparently I am a glutton for punishment and I simply can’t bring myself to say no when it comes to helping the people I love and care for.

Oh yeah and let us not forget my latest brilliant idea. *Double Face Palm* I want to gather up all the erotica and whatnot that I write for my own twisted entertainment and publish it too. I am thinking a book of short stories or even just really long scenes. Something that you can grab for a quick thrill and not get overly engrossed in. Just enough to leave you tingling for more. Of course the things I write for my own needs make the scenes in my regular novels look PG13. I fear that if I do in fact publish these tidbits of fun, it will have an ESRB rating NR17 or higher… It won’t quite be an X rating. But it will need a warning label of some kind and possibly a penname. I haven’t decided on the penname yet.

But yes, my dearest reader… I am writing. I write about a thousand words or more every day. Sometimes I keep those words and other nights I toss them off to be looked at later. I love to write. It is one of my greatest passions. I do not think I would do well in a world that did not allow me to write and express myself. I promise to endeavor to actually get more up on this blog, my metaphysics blog, and my Author Page as well.

For tonight, I am going to go to my rest and I bid you a glorious evening and wondiferous tomorrow whenever it shall find you. Good night dear reader…

Until next time



Author Interview: D. L. Pitchford

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Dana was written by D. L. Pitchford.)

Kelly finished clearing off a space on a shelf in her Muse Shop and nodded content. She’d finally taken the time to make room for more items she’d collected from the story realm, so she needed to retrieve them, but she heard the door chime first, so she stepped back and a woman enter her shop, her gaze taking in the quaint little place.

Kelly stepped away from the shelf and smiled at her visitor. “Hi, I’m Kelly Blanchard. Welcome to my shop. Please come in! You must be D. L. Pitchford. Wonderful to meet you! Would you care for some freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookies? Or something to drink before we go and sit down to chat?”

Dana looked up from admiring the wares on the shelves at the sound of the voice, and her…

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