Character Interview: J. R. O’Bryant’s Krystianna

Meet my main character, Krystianna Aramis. I must admit, this interview threw me… I learned things about Krystianna that I honestly hadn’t known before. Kelly was great. I highly reccomend her and interviews to all authors.

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Krystianna was written by J. R. O’Bryant.)

The gate opened as the young woman pulled up towards the security camera. She had been invited to the main house at the Winery and it seemed they were expecting her. Her directions had been fairly simple. Drive through the first gate, follow the dirt drive up through the Spanish moss covered woods, take the left fork and head through the second gate, park anywhere near the large house and knock on the front door.

Before she could even knock the large oak doors swung open on silent hinges. What sounded like the low bass beats of a Skrillex song floated out the doors. A young 20 something man stood in the doorway smiling her way.

His bright blue eyes and loosely curly blonde hair gave him the loom of the ultimate surfer boy. “My name’s Mikael…

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