Author Interview: J. R. O’Bryant

In a delightful and unique interview Kelly Blanchard and I talk about me and my work!

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. J. R. was written by J. R. O’Bryant.)

Kelly sat on the edge of a table in the middle of the library of the castle of Elddon. Silence surrounded her as she took in the volume of books and scrolls lining the walls and filling the numerous bookcases which almost created a maze-effect in the room. So many written words. So much knowledge. So many tales waiting to be discovered. It would take a lifetime to read them all—and of course, that’s exactly what Kelly wanted to do, but she heard the door creak open, heard someone step inside the library, and then the door close again. “I’m over here!” Kelly spoke—knowing she had just broken the almost sacred silence of the library. “Sorry,” she mouthed as if to the spirits of the books.

The footsteps drew near, and Kelly pushed herself off the…

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