Character Interview: Stephanie R. Sorensen’s Toru

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Toru was written by Stephanie R. Sorensen.)

Kelly looked up uncertainly, her gloved hands already grasping the sturdy rope ladder dangling down in front of her. From several dozen feet above her, a trio of smiling faces looked down from the gunwales of the great dragon dirigible. The airship floated serenely above them, dark against the bright morning sky. Toru, she supposed, was the quiet looking one on the right. He was gesturing for her to begin the climb. Masuyo shouted down, “It’s not as hard as it looks! I had to do it in kimono!”

She sighed and scrambled up, glad she had heeded their advice to wear practical clothing

At last she reached the top, and a friendly Jiro helped her over the edge

She straightened her outfit, tucking her hair back neatly after her exertions and turned to Toru. He extended his…

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