Character Interview: Denise O’Hara’s Mr. Darcy

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Darcy was written by Denise O’Hara.)

It was a typical cold and blustery February day in the English countryside. As least it is not raining again, he thought, as he walked to the shiny new automobile sitting in front of his home. He did not like driving in the rain. He smiled at the thought that he, Fitzwilliam Darcy, was driving an automobile on any given day. He put the key in the ignition and was putting the car into drive when he saw in his peripheral vision the massive door of his home, Pemberley estate, open. His beautiful bride of just a few weeks, Elizabeth, had come out to wave goodbye to him. She had a smile on her face but it could not mask the apprehension he detected in her fine eyes. He smiled and waved back as he gently pushed on…

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Character Interview: J. R. O’Bryant’s Krystianna

Meet my main character, Krystianna Aramis. I must admit, this interview threw me… I learned things about Krystianna that I honestly hadn’t known before. Kelly was great. I highly reccomend her and interviews to all authors.

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Krystianna was written by J. R. O’Bryant.)

The gate opened as the young woman pulled up towards the security camera. She had been invited to the main house at the Winery and it seemed they were expecting her. Her directions had been fairly simple. Drive through the first gate, follow the dirt drive up through the Spanish moss covered woods, take the left fork and head through the second gate, park anywhere near the large house and knock on the front door.

Before she could even knock the large oak doors swung open on silent hinges. What sounded like the low bass beats of a Skrillex song floated out the doors. A young 20 something man stood in the doorway smiling her way.

His bright blue eyes and loosely curly blonde hair gave him the loom of the ultimate surfer boy. “My name’s Mikael…

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Author Interview: J. R. O’Bryant

In a delightful and unique interview Kelly Blanchard and I talk about me and my work!

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. J. R. was written by J. R. O’Bryant.)

Kelly sat on the edge of a table in the middle of the library of the castle of Elddon. Silence surrounded her as she took in the volume of books and scrolls lining the walls and filling the numerous bookcases which almost created a maze-effect in the room. So many written words. So much knowledge. So many tales waiting to be discovered. It would take a lifetime to read them all—and of course, that’s exactly what Kelly wanted to do, but she heard the door creak open, heard someone step inside the library, and then the door close again. “I’m over here!” Kelly spoke—knowing she had just broken the almost sacred silence of the library. “Sorry,” she mouthed as if to the spirits of the books.

The footsteps drew near, and Kelly pushed herself off the…

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Monster Within

Monster Within

I don’t usually share these little insights into my head. But I figured, what the hell, why not. Take from it what you will… J.R.


I lay alone, in a bed gone cold

No arms to hold me, and quiet the pain

No arms to hold the monsters at bay

I cry silently, my face dry after all these nights alone

I curl in on myself and pray

Pray that this night will not be like all the rest

Pray that this night I might get some rest

I know the monsters are real

I can see them inside my head

I can feel them causing dread

I hear their laughter and glee

As I close myself down and hide away

They call to me, they bid me come and play

They taunt me for hiding that part of me

They mock me for not letting myself out

If only they knew how much I want to come out

How much I need to play with them too

If only they knew how much it hurt me to not join in their games

How it breaks something in me every time I say no to their sweetest invitations

I want to let myself out

I want to go play with all other monsters

I want to be free of my self-Imposed chains and drift away

But then who would I be, if I embraced the monster in me?


“Monsters Within”

J.R. Fyre Dancer 8/10/2016

Character Interview: Stephanie R. Sorensen’s Toru

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Toru was written by Stephanie R. Sorensen.)

Kelly looked up uncertainly, her gloved hands already grasping the sturdy rope ladder dangling down in front of her. From several dozen feet above her, a trio of smiling faces looked down from the gunwales of the great dragon dirigible. The airship floated serenely above them, dark against the bright morning sky. Toru, she supposed, was the quiet looking one on the right. He was gesturing for her to begin the climb. Masuyo shouted down, “It’s not as hard as it looks! I had to do it in kimono!”

She sighed and scrambled up, glad she had heeded their advice to wear practical clothing

At last she reached the top, and a friendly Jiro helped her over the edge

She straightened her outfit, tucking her hair back neatly after her exertions and turned to Toru. He extended his…

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