Character Interview: Molly H. Darcey’s Bessie

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Bessie was written by Molly H. Darcey.)

Kelly looked at the directions in her notes to make sure she went where she was told to go. She didn’t doubt the carriage driver, but still. They pulled off the main road and into a forest, and finally at the end of this narrow road, the carriage stopped.

Kelly opened the door and looked around as she stepped out at this strange-looking out with rough brick walls and thick shingle roof and cone-shaped turrets. She saw the windows there, but it looked like the windows had been cut out rather than planned beforehand. That was odd.

Nodding her thanks to the driver, Kelly approached the house and knocked on the door.

There was a pitter patter of several feet running to the door. The door swung wide open, with a little girl of about 5 standing…

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