Character Interview: Tyler Wise’s San

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. San was written by Tyler Wise.)

A guest would be arriving soon. Too soon for San’s taste and not the average visitor. Not a boy or a girl, but a woman. An adult had never set foot inside his factory and the prospect quite excited San. Something new was happening. Not the same job of growing up, night after night. This time, his visitor had already done that, possibly ages ago. Growing old would be old hat to her, just like it was to him.


“Late, late, we’re going to  be late,” murmured the Puppet Master’s side of his face. Where San was excited, the Puppet Master was predictably nervous and afraid. This woman’s arrival broke several of this world’s rules—rules he followed to a scary degree.

  “You’re getting on my nerves,” San hissed. “Grow a spine. That mettlesome boy has…

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