Up and Coming From Me…

Up and Coming From Me…

I know I haven’t written here in a bit and for that I do apologize. I have been working really hard on the new books I’m writing, as well as writing another blog that has absolutely nothing to do with my writing or my characters’s universe. I’ve also been doing a lot of beta reading and editing for friends and family. My daughter just wrapped up her last semester of school for the summer last month, and given that she is home schooled, I suddenly find myself fighting to find extra things for her to do without my supervision or greater interaction. And along with everything else… I am attempting to have a normal life as well as be semi social on a random occasion. But, that is no excuse to abandon you, my dear reader. So, I was hoping you would forgive me if I gave you a slight taste of the up and coming for my writing works.

In my first book, Cold Crypt Cellars, you were introduced to Krystianna Aramis and some of her closer friends. Krystianna visited Ohio and had some grand adventures as well as some terrible heart ache. In the up coming book, Behind the Masque, Krystianna is  back on her home grounds and is preparing for the West Coast Grand Gala. The Gala is a gathering of all the heads of the supernatural community in the west coast region. As well as a way to for everyone to show off and play the game of politics. A lot is going on in Krystianna’s personal life as well as in the community. A serial killer is making the community stand together and at the same time question loyalties, and the entire Vampire Council has representatives in town including Krystianna’s very own father. Tensions are high and things just keep piling up for our favorite vampire heroine.

I’m also working on a separate novel that has nothing to do with Krystianna’s universe. This one is pure horror and violence. Daemons, as they have come to be called, have enslaved the human race and hunt them for sport and amusement. It’s the early 9th century and humans are just coming into their own. These Daemons are another dominate race. While semi human in appearance they are an altogether different species. They are larger and stronger than the average human. Some of them have the ability of flight, and all of the race is telepathic. I don’t want to go into to much detail on this one as I am still fleshing it out and tweaking details.

And last but not least, I am thinking of taking Cold Crypt Cellars off the market for a few months, making some much needed edits, and adding in few of the original cut chapters that will help flesh out the story line a little more. I’m not positive on this one yet, but it may be in the works. Just keep a heads up for any updates.

Well, that’s all the fun I have for now my dear reader. Have a blessed night and wondiferous morrow.


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