Author Interview: Ellie Mack

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Ellie was written by Ellie Mack.)

Usually her Muse Shop wasn’t a beachfront shop, but today it was. Ah, the magic of the imagination. Today’s interviewee could decide between the two locations—a beach and the Muse Shop—so Kelly adapted to it to include both. She polished a silver candleholder and stared out the front windows of the shop to the blue ocean stretched out beneath the cloudless sky. Yeah, maybe Kelly would keep her shop here. It was nice. She could get used to it, and a fond smile found her face.

The door chimed, drawing Kelly out of her thoughts, and she looked to see a woman entering her shop. Setting down the candleholder and the rag, Kelly stepped around the front corner. “Hello, Ellie Mack. I’m Kelly Blanchard. So nice to meet you, and I must say, thank you for suggestion a…

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