30 Day Writing Challenge Day 30 (One Thing You Are Excited For)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 30 (One Thing You Are Excited For)

Well I’ve made it. All 30 days (plus a few where I simply couldn’t do my blog as life gets in the way). Tonight’s challenge… one thing I am excited for.

There are many things I look forward to in my life. But the thing that sticks out the most for me is to have my own “Forever Home”. I’ve bounced around my entire life. I rarely stay in one place for more than a couple of years, usually less. In the last 6 months I have moved four times. I am in the middle of yet another move, and will move again come the end of August if not sooner. I am used to being bounced from place to place and never putting down roots, but I don’t want that life for my daughter. She has moved so many times in her short life time and each time we pack and move again, her sadness breaks my heart.

So I have been working on plan to move somewhere that I want to be, not somewhere life dropped me without warning. I am making plans to have our own place, eventually even a house of our own. I want us to have our own rooms, and an office. I want to be in a neighborhood where my daughter can run about outside and not worry about three child molesters in the neighborhood, broken glass covering the streets outside, nosey neighbors that feel they have the right to spread rumors about me and mine across all kingdom come, and where she can make lasting friendships.

I have two final destinations in mind. One calls to me more than the other. But they both call to me in many ways. I am torn between the mountains of Colorado and the high desert of Arizona. Both are serene and beautiful, both have many wonderful attractions, both have friends and family that I miss every day. I spent 8 years on and off in Colorado and still love the true blue skies as well as the air that you can actually breathe. But I’ve spent a good bit of time in Arizona and I love it there as well.

I just want some place that my daughter and I can settle into and make a home out of. I want somewhere where we can put up posters and wall hangings, and run through the house naked if we wish. I want the freedom to invite friends over at all hours and have a good time without worrying about my roommates’s sleep schedules. I want a yard I can plant a garden in, and trees that my daughter can climb. I want a decent back yard with a privacy fence and fire pit so we can lay out under the stars any time of the year and be happy.

What am I most excited for? That’s easy… making my and my daughter’s dream of a forever home real in the next 1-2 years!


What excites you about your future? What are you looking forward to? What future plans have you on the edge of your seat with antici…pation?


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