30 Day Writing Challenge Day 29 (The Night of Your 21st Birthday)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 29 (The Night of Your 21st Birthday)

WOW! My 21st Birthday? It wasn’t a typical party night for me that’s for sure. Let me start by explaining what I was doing for work at the time. I was working as a flight attendant on a 30 passenger Saab Turbo Prop, which meant that crew wise, it was just me and my two pilots. I started my day between 3 AM and 6 AM. And I had to work on my birthday. I had no intention of telling anyone it was my birthday. I figured I would do my three day trip and come home and buy myself a bottle of Tattoo. No biggie.

Let’s just say my plans sooo did not go the way I had intended.

I rolled out of bed, pulled on my uniform, grabbed my luggage and flight gear, and drove to our hanger. I went straight to my plane, put away my gear, and started my safety checks. Part of the flight routine is to make sure our galley is stocked with snacks and drinks. I opened my snack drawer and there was a giant birthday card with a huge button that said “Birthday Girl”, a sash that said the same, and a pair of goofy socks… all from my mother.

(To this day I still have no idea how my mother got access to my hangar, more the less my plane, or how she knew who I would be flying with, but she is a crafty woman and has a way of pulling off insane tricks.)

I didn’t have a chance to hide any of it, both of my pilots saw everything and wished me a very happy birthday. Little did I know I was about to get birthday wishes from around 100 people that day. We finished our flight checks, I strapped into my jumpseat, and we were off to Dayton for our first flight of the day.

Everything went normal as passengers loaded and were sat. All flight checks were ready, I called the cabin to let them know we were all set to take off. Everything was going great. Then over the PA, my captain starts his usual Good Morning, my name is…etc. Then he announces to the entire cabin that it is my birthday and would they all please join him in singing me happy birthday! I kid you not, all 30 passengers sang along with my pilots while I sat horrified in my seat. The rest of the flight was filled with birthday wishes from all of my passengers.

Each flight that day went about the same. I got sang to by my crew and my passengers. Our night ended in States College, PA. I figured the humiliation had finally come to an end. I was utterly wrong. I checked into my hotel room, threw on civilian clothes, and headed downstairs to meet my pilots for dinner. We ended up going to this bar that had amazing pizza and calzones. My crew bought me dinner, and few beers. I fell in love with YingLing that night. Oh gods, it was good. But I had to fly in the morning and we had to call it an early night.

Thankfully, hangovers are rare for me and eight hours later I was sober. Tired and dragging, but sober. The next two days were the usual routine for the trip. But, every single night my crew bought me drinks and dinner. It was a fun trip. Even if I did get humilated for my birthday…

I did end up getting that bottle of Tattoo when I got home, that and a six pack of something dark and intoxicating. I enjoyed my rum and coke in peace and with friends as well. It was a good birthday all in all.

No major party, no drunken mistakes… Like I said, a good one…

How was your 21st? Was it a wild party? Or maybe just a quiet gathering….



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