30 Day Writing Challenge Day 28 (The Word/Phrase You Use The Most)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 28 (The Word/Phrase You Use The Most)

Explicit Profanity about to occur, you have been warned.



There are a couple phrases that I use more often than most. My favorite word is of course the wonderfully versatile word Fuck! I also enjoy Bloody Hell, Mother Fuck, Jesus Mother Fucking Christ, Whore Mongering Gutter Snipe, Bilge Snipe, and a few other fun phrases.

But my all time favorite line to this day is, “God damned, mother fucking, son of a bitch… is still not the safe word!”

Now if you have been reading my blog, or if you have read any of my work, you have probably figured out that I am a member of several alternative lifestyles. Some I am more open about than others, but for the most part I am an open book and I am public about my lifestyle choices. This phrase came about during an event for one of my alternative lifestyles.

I am very much Kink oriented and at several points in my life have been a very active member of the BDSM Kink community. I will not name names or anything outrageous. But let us say that I am comfortable with some of the Elite out there. Now when it comes to kink, I’m what most would call a “Switch” meaning I like things from both sides of the scene. In truth I’m mostly a sadistic Top with masochistic needs. I know, a lot of terms there, if you have questions feel free to ask.

Anyway, I digress. I was bottoming for a very intense and heavy scene. When I am being worked on, especially when it involves a certain level of pain, I tend to swear and curse a lot. I’ve made people blush, laugh, leave the room, and even call for help due to my vociferous reactions. It’s my let down and my way of coping. I enjoy the hell out of my scenes, but well, I have to let it out somehow and I am rarely one to just stand there and “Take it like a good girl.”

The scene was getting heavy and my adrenaline and endorphines were running very high. A hit came in across my shoulders that made me let out a stream of profanity. I screamed very loudly. “GOD DAMNED, MOTHER FUCKING, SON OF A BITCH!!!”  To which the reply was, “IS still not the safe word…” followed by more strikes.

I screamed something along the lines of, “Well fuck off and die then, that fucking hurt! You fucking ass!” And the scene continued until we were done. At any point I could have stopped the scene simply by saying, “RED”. And we would have been done right then and there. But I wasn’t ready to stop and I was having a good time. My partner knew that and so we didn’t have to stop even though other people in the area were concerned about us. We assured them before and after the scene that this was normal for us.

But now anytime one of us starts swearing up a storm, it’s usually followed by the quip, “… IS STILL NOT THE SAFE WORD!”


What is your catch phrase or favorite word, is there a juicy story behind it? Tell me my dear reader… I’d love to know.


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