30 Day Writing Challenge Day 27 (What You Wore Today)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 27 (What You Wore Today)



What I wore today? Really? This is a blog subject? Sure, okay…

I wore a purple tie-die patterned, nylon/poly blend, scoop necked t-shirt. I wore blue sweat pants, with a loose wide pant leg. I wore mismatched socks, one was white with black polka dots and the other was yellow, green, orange, and leopard spotted. I wore matching black and white lace bra and panties. The matching underthings were incidental not intentional. I just grabbed what was on top in the drawer. I wore black sketcher running shoes. I put my hair up in a knot of sorts. And instead of my usual contacts, I wore my glasses as my right eye has been bugging the hell out of me.

Tomorrow… my clothing forecast calls for underthings, mismatched socks, knee braces, an ankle brace, a short dress or more sweats with a random T-shirt.

I hope this little glimpse of mundaity was useful. But to make up for it I will do an extra blog tonight.

Sorry for the brief summary, but fashion is so not my thing.. LOL


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