30 Day Writing Challenge Day 25 (Four Weird Traits You Have)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 25 (Four Weird Traits You Have)

WEIRD TRAITS? Please, Oh Mighty Interwebs… define “Weird Trait”?

According to dictionary.com: Trait


a distinguishing characteristic or quality, especially of one’s personal nature:

bad traits of character.

a pen or pencil stroke.

a stroke, touch, or strain, as of some quality:

a trait of pathos; a trait of ready wit.


“A trait is something about you that makes you “you.” When your mother says that you get all your best traits from her, she means you have the same charming smile and the same brilliant mind as she has. In science, trait refers to a characteristic that is caused by genetics.” ~Google

So here goes four of my weirder traits and/or characteristics.

1. Like the God of Mischief himself (AKA Loki), I can have a silver tongue in opportune moments. And on occasion I have been known to have a gift for dead, forgotten, and ancient languages. On a good day I could sell hell fire, damnation, and ashes to the Devil himself. On a bad day I couldn’t give away fresh, cold water, in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

2. It may appear that I am disorganized, but GODS FUCKING FORBID IF YOU MOVE A DUST MOTE… I will smite you! No really I live in my own little bubble of organized chaos that only makes sense to me and me alone. To me, my world and space function perfectly fine. To the outer world… good bloody fucking luck finding anything smaller than my bookcases without explicit directions. Unless of course you are my mother, the wench that she is, she can bloody walk into dungeon full of hay and find a needle without trying.

3. I wear the sun and stars on my very sleeve, well actually on my very body. And no, they aren’t tattoos. I have two very unique birthmarks on my right wrist. On one side I have a five pointed star and on the other I have a sunburst. They are not utterly obvious, but they are there if you pay attention. It’s kind of nifty to tell you the truth.

4. When I am in pain or overly stressed, but mostly when I’m in a lot of fucking pain, I have my own personal form of turetts that hits me. I scream, swear, kick, fight, hit people, and basically swear like a drunken sailor during a bad bar fight on a Friday night. I get really creative with the use of profane language and insults. I’m learning how to get it under control to some degree, but in moments where I’m overwhelmed… well the language gets reeeeaaaallly nifty. Also, during moments, of shall we say… passion…yeah the language monster spews forth things that will make your mind do a double take.


I hope this amused you dear reader. It took me all night to think of four of my more unique traits that wouldn’t give too much of my life out into the open… Do you have any “weird traits”?


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