30 Day Writing Challenge Day 22 (Your Morning Routine)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 22 (Your Morning Routine)

Okay, fair warning, this may be the shortest blog post I’ve done yet. I don’t really have a morning routine, as I don’t really do mornings or routines. *dies* I will try to explain my “the wake-up routine” and hope that that suffices.

Alarm goes off, I hit snooze and crawl back under the covers for 10 minutes of hiding from the burning light of the day star. Alarm goes off again, I hit snooze again. Rinse; Repeat… about 3 or 4 times. Then I call for the squish to see what she is up to and to help me with my 20 minute torture session.

I drag myself out of bed, stumble across the hall to the restroom, deal with mother nature, and stumble back into the bedroom. If I’m feeling really lazy I throw on a short sun dress, if not I pull on underthings, pants, and a tank top (most days anyway).

My daughter then helps me with my ritualistic torture session. We first have to get socks on my very swollen and still healing broken ankle. Then the ankle brace goes on; it has to be laced up, figure 8 strapped in place, and then another strap goes around all that. One brace down, two to go. We’ve learned that it is easier to put on my new shoes before the leg braces go on, so we fight with shoes for a good few minutes and then it’s onto our next favorite part.

If I’m wearing a dress, I sit on my bed with my dress around my waist and my legs straight out in front of me. If I’m wearing pants, my daughter sits at the foot of the bed and holds my pant legs as straight as possible to keep me from getting them scrunched in my braces. Then we take turns doing up Velcro straps in 8 different places along my leg. Four above and four below my knee cap. My braces come up to my very inner thigh and go down to my lower calf. There is about a 4 inch gap between my ankle brace and the bottom of my leg brace. We do this routine for each leg. All in all we have gotten it down to about 15 -20 minutes if we work in sync. But there are days where we are both too tired to function that it takes a bit longer.

Once I’m in my daily bondage set and everything is in place, I take about 2 minutes to run a brush through my long hair (it’s about 2 inches above my waist), pull my hair back into a pony tail or knot of some kind, and ignore it after that. Unless I’m going to be in public, then I take about another minute to make sure I pass for human.

I sit on my office chair (AKA Yoga Ball), do some basic stretches just to get the kinks out, then I get ready to do my other morning torture set. I am diabetic and have to do shots through out the day. I check my fasting blood sugar, do the math for one of my injections so I can eat, then I stab myself in the abdomen three times just so I can get through the day without my blood sugar spiking or crashing like all hell.

Once all the fun is out of the way, my daughter and I head down the 16 stairs of pain and we grab breakfast (read lunch for you daytime people), then it’s sitting down at the laptop or trudging back up the bloody stairs, to go do schoolwork.

It varies some from day to day but that’s about it for me.

How does your morning routine go my dear readers?


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