30 Day Writing Challenge Day 20 (Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write Down the First Three Songs That Play and What Your Initial Thought Is)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 20 (Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write Down the First Three Songs That Play and What Your Initial Thought Is)

I was originally just going to hit shuffle on my media player on my PC. But a lot of the music on there is from me doing music jobs for other people and doesn’t really meet my music persona, if you will. So instead I put all my Pandora stations on one giant shuffle list. Lord help me…  And as I listen to everything when it comes to music, this should be an intriguing experiment. Wish me luck. *sighs*

1: Meet Me On The Equinox ~ Death Cab For Cutie

2. Down With The Sickness ~ Disturbed

3. Sex Metal Barbie ~ In This Moment

Okay so two out of three in the same-ish genre, I’m kind of impressed. I love all three of these songs for different reasons. Each one has some kind of meaning for me. Each one tells a tale and speaks to me in a unique way. Of course, if I didn’t enjoy it already it wouldn’t have been in my playlist. I will try to break each one down into some level of why that song does it for me.

  1. Meet Me On The Equinox ~ Death Cab For Cutie. The first time I heard this song, I fell in love. I love the flow and lyrics. I love the sound. The funny thing is that I was channel surfing on the radio when it started playing on station I don’t listen to. But I left it there and just listened. Then I went home and looked it up. I had never heard of the song or the group. I can’t say that the group has done anything else that has captured my attention. But this song just feels good to me. I love the story being told. Meet me on the Equinox, meet me half way, when the sun is perched at it’s highest peak in the middle of the day… But you are not just meeting and cuddling and being all lovely, you are being reminded that everything ends. The song tells about love given and love lost. Times changing and people moving on or passing away. It speaks to me of life and the beauty of all things coming together. It speaks to me of change and the end and rebirth of things. Maybe that’s just what I hear. But I do enjoy the song.
  2. Down With The Sickness ~ Disturbed. Ah yes, Disturbed. Just the intro to this song has me bouncing and head banging and screaming, I mean singing, along. There is so much going on in this song. The story being told is about internal destruction and external abuse. The question, “Will you give it to me”, is repeated over and over. As the song progresses you hear the abuse happening, and the retaliation that follows. At the very end it is stated that, “That the madness has taken over me.” I think in many ways we can all relate to this. The madness within and without, if not controlled in some way, can consume us and devour out very essence until we become the thing we hate. We become the demon, the sickness…
  3. Sex Metal Barbie~ In This Moment. What can I say about this song. There are so many graphic lyrics and turns of phrase it is hard to pick it apart. I love the group. Their sound is so perfectly wonderful and unique. Just enough metal to know you’ve been cut and infected with the itch to hear more. Sex Metal Barbie starts with an accusation of rumors being spread, and yet people still scream for more. The the singer offers herself up to take the psychological damage for everyone. “We’re the dying, we are the damned, Baby, go ahead, I’ll be the villain you can blame…” What more is there to say. She takes the constant trash talk and stands above and mocks those who would hurt her by defying them and going one step further.

Well those were the first three that came up. I wonder what would come up on your playlists my dear readers…

Until next time…




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