30 Day Writing Challenge Day 18 (Your Favorite Color and Why)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 18 (Your Favorite Color and Why)

(Sorry for the day late thing again. Unfortunately life seems to get in the way and I am just running low on time and energy as of late. Not nearly enough spoons to get me through the day. I am fighting to get back on track. Please give me a little forgivance.)

My favorite color and why… Just once I would love one of these to have a simple answer. But I should know better than to ask for anything in my life to be simple. I do not have a single favorite color I have a few personal favorites that hold true. Each one has meaning to me and is a part of my personal repertoire of uniqueness.

Let’s see if I can put into words why these colors and what they mean to me.

  • Blood Red: The deeper and darker the better. Heart’s blood red. The red at the center of our very being. It is life and it is death. It represents the constant beating heart of each of us and the very heart of the earth mother as well. We come into life with blood and too many of us end our lives as we lose that very sweet essence.
  • Black: It goes with everything…. Okay seriously, before anything there was the blackness of nothing. Before we come into the world our world is dark and sightless. Without light there is the primordial dark. Blacker than black, darker than dark. Black too is a the beginning and the end. The start and finish.
  • Midnight Blue: The darkest blue of the midnight skies. The deepest blue of the deepest oceans where light barely caresses the depths. The edge of everything. Where day ends as well as night. The deep blue that draws you in and holds you captive in a trance, while we seek the light within.
  • Hunter/Forest Green: The dark green at the heart of the deep forest. The green of the oldest trees in the rain forest. The green that is so lush and full that with soft foot steps one can simply melt into the woods and ne’er be seen again. It too is a primordial color. It is the heart of all the wild and free.
  • Silver: To me, silver is a representative of the moon and her constant pull. The moon holds sway over the very oceans and men alike. Her ever changing face smiles upon us constantly and has heard our prayers long before we knew we were praying. She guides us and temps us. She watches over us in her own way. Silver is her color and her light.

I hope I didn’t get too philosophical and wordy there. I guess I could have just said I like this color because it makes me feel shiny… LOL. What color is your favorite? What color speaks to you?


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