30 Day Writing Challenge Day 15 (Three Pet Peeves)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 15 (Three Pet Peeves)

Yay! I get to be all bitchy tonight! Three pet peeves of mine. Only three? *pouts* Okay.

Pet Peeve Number One: Body Shaming. Body shaming is a horrible and ridiculously evil thing. At any age, at any size, for any reason… It is freaking ridiculous. Whether you are making fun of someone else or yourself. Even if you are teasing a friend about their size, shape, etc…it is not acceptable. People have enough hell to go through with modern advertising tell all of us that we are simply not good enough and never will be. We don’t need to be looking in the mirror and hearing our friends and family members voices, on top of those of strangers telling us that this part or that part or worse our entire bodies are not good enough. On the same note being compared to someone is just as bad. You are still picking apart a human being. You have no idea how harsh and cruel simple words can be. Please don’t tell your son or daughter s/he is too thin,skinny, lacking, etc… and should “Put some meat on those bones.” And please don’t tell  your son/daughter that s/he is too chunky, curvy, FAT, etc… and, “S/he could get out more and get some weight off.” Just once look at your children (at any age) and realize that they are utterly beautiful just as they are. Tell them everyday how much you love them for who they are, just the way they are. Never let them question their inner or outer beauty. Size, like so many other things is just a number.

Pet Peeve Number Two: People having children and not caring for them or about them…      I am so utterly tired of people who go out of their way to have children and then spend the next 18 years pawning their child off on everybody while they go off and play. I get unplanned pregnancies, and I’m not sniping about that. I’m sniping about people that go out there way to have a child, to bring another human being into the world and then ignore that human being as much as possible. These people have children, send them away to boarding schools, and while their children are being raised by a damn near military institution, the adults go off for months at a time all over the world and forget they have a child. Now if you are a single parent, working two jobs, going to school full time, and still trying to make time for your kid… YOU FUCKING ROCK! And power to you 10 fold! If you are a teenage parent still pushing yourself and making a way for you and your kid(s), I am proud of you for trying, NEVER STOP FIGHTING! But if you are having children for the sake of continuing your family line ( or something just as silly) and you can’t take the time to be a parent… You fucking piss me off!

Pet Peeve Number Three: Idiots who can not drive in anything beyond perfect weather! Okay people. I don’t care what part of the bloody country you live in, here in the grand US of A, we all drive on the wrong, I mean Right, side of the road. No matter where you live it has to rain at some bloody point. It might even snow. But I guarantee that sometime whilst driving you will encounter moisture falling from the sky in some form. So please, please, please… do the freaking human race a favor and learn to drive when this is happening or stay of the gods forsaken road. Some of us have places we would like to get to eventually. Preferably doing at least the speed limit if not a few miles over. So if you truly can’t handle the moisture falling from the sky while you are operating a vehicle on a public road, STAY HOME! On the same note if you are the psycho that feels they need to slam peddle to metal and fly through the wet stuff at the speed of light just to avoid it… You too are an IDIOT!

Okay, rant over. Thank you for letting me snipe a bit… What peeves you the most my dear readers?



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