3o Day Writing Challenge Day 14 (Your Life In 7 Years)

3o Day Writing Challenge Day 14 (Your Life In 7 Years)

My life in 7 years. Okay. Well I have no clue so I am going to make this up as I go along.

This is where I want to be in seven years… (of course that plan may change drastically by that time.)

I am living in a large single level house with 5 or 6 bedrooms, at least 3 full bathrooms, a huge finished basement that I can use to entertain, in the mountains of Colorado or the high desert of Arizona, sitting on at least 50-100 acres of forest and hills. I have all sorts of critters; chickens, ducks, geese, four or five horses, a few head of cattle (like maybe 10 or 15), a big pond for the ducks and geese where I keep prize winning koi for my own amusement, maybe a couple turtles, and of course a zillion frogs to sing to me on summer nights. I have a pack of big dogs that run free on the property and slept at the foot of my orgy sized bed every night. On the property I have a huge clearing with a giant fire pit and big stumps to sit on so that when the weather is clear I can have my pack and friends all sit around the fire drinking pints of homemade honeyed ale and enjoying each other’s company. On the highest point of the property is another clearing that is ringed with unique stones, shiny shells, and crystals. It’s my altar and fairy mound. I go there at New Moon to renew myself and I go there at the Full Moon to celebrate as well, not to mention doing ceremony on High Days there as well.

In my room I have a custom designed bed that is big enough for 8-10 large bodies to all cuddle in a big puppy pile. It is covered in blood red silk sheets and a black velvet coverlet. The walls are covered in paintings from Luis Royo and Dorian Cleavenger. The ceiling is done is tiny glow in the dark star constellation patterns. I have a master bath with a giant jetted tub that is deep enough to swim in and easily cuddle in the warm water with 4 or 5 people with space to spare. There is a separate shower that has 360 water jets from floor to shoulders, all adjustable, and it can also hold a couple extra bodies comfortably. The shower has a drop down seat on three of the walls so you can sit and just enjoy the water beat around your body.

The other rooms are large and spacious. Each done in some version of elegant Gothic or Victorian decor, and each with it’s own color theme. Except for my daughter’s room. Her room is a total unknown to me. She is her own creature and I give her creative license to do with her room as she wishes.

(I’d go more into the home that I will have in 7 years but that is just a piece of the tale being told and I want to tell you about other aspects.)

In seven years I have been taken on by a major international publisher. I have published 9 books all in the Krystianna Aramis Series as well as another 2 or 3 in a separate horror series. I am on the New York Times Best Sellers list and have been for the past 5 years. My books are renowned for their unique approach to the supernatural world and it’s workings. I am good friends with all of my literary heroes (at least in my genre) and we get together and bemoan the pains of the literary world at least once a year at a summer get away in Hawaii that we all use as we see fit.

I am finally healthy and in shape, and have been for at least 4 years. I don’t hurt like I have most of my life. My knees still creak and my joints don’t always work (not that they ever have), but I go mountain climbing, back packing, hiking, and camping on a regular basis. I am on a balanced diet that feeds my protein deficiency, meets my diabetic needs, and allows me to go off of my insulin. I wake up late in the day, do yoga with my daughter, and then we go walking about the property taking care of the critters and visiting with nature to start my day.

I sit down at my custom designed computer with my huge flat screen monitors. I turn on my latest playlist and blast it through out the entire house thanks to our fully installed surround sound speakers in each and every room. I have Chromecast or the like in every room and can cast my music through each system. I write a new chapter, sometimes two everyday. I don’t always like what I write but I leave it be until I am done with that book. I never edit until the end. I am confidant in my skill and my workmanship, I refuse to let myself tweak and edit until I feel the manuscript is ready for such attentions. When I finally do get down to edits, I let my characters work through me and tweak what they see fit. My editing team and my publisher rarely find errors or flaws and are more than happy to work around my unique need for lacking sunlight.

I travel to random destinations at least once a year. I take my daughter and sometimes my mother and her husband as we travel the world. Sometimes to escape, sometimes for research, and sometimes for a little bit of both. My brother and I take turns visiting each other every 6 months or so. Our next destination is Cairo and the Nile Region. I hope to spend a couple weeks drooling over ancient artifacts and long ago created sanctuaries, temples, and tombs.

I am not filthy rich, in a monetary sense, but I am rich in happiness and life. I have the people I love in my life and I have the people that I want around in my life. I am not married. I am happy to be poly and open. I have lovers and play partners, I have a couple primaries that I love to pieces, but they all love me enough to know that I may never “settle down”. I am content in my life and secure in my place in the world. I am truly happy in ways that I could never have guessed at or even imagined.

My mother and her husband come to my mountain to escape and I have a cabin made just for them if they want their own space. My brother is happily published and living out his dreams in Wales. My foster daughter is married and has had another kiddo. My grandkids come out from their home in Missouri to spend the summers horseback riding and driving out to the coast to go surfing for a couple weeks. My daughter is 16, still home-schooled, flying through classes faster than we can find material for her to study. She is already attending a high end art school to fine tune her artistic abilities and is itching to do her first tattoo. She still wants to be the youngest and best tattoo artist in the country.

Life. Is. Good….

Well dear reader, I pray I answered your question with enough detail. It’s only a dream at this point… But dreams really do come true you know. Where are you going to be in 7 years?



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