Character Interview: Alexa Smith’s Kane

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Kane was written by Alexa Smith.)

The fluorescent light in the small room flickered, a man sat alone in the barren room, searching through an old backpack. A rifle hung by the strap on the back of his chair, he looked through the bag producing a can of food from its depths. “Ah.” He grunted, straightening his back, pulling a knife from his pocket. Kane Aiden was not the most handsome of fellows. Scars crisscrossed most of his face and arms where they peaked out from under a gray long sleeved shirt that he had rolled the sleeves up on. He wore dirty jeans and a pair of combat boots. A green coat was thrown against one of the shelving units in the room. His hair dark was long and pulled against the nape of his neck. The room he had holed up in…

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