30 Day Writing Challenge Day 13 (Your Commute To And From School/Work/Etc.)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 13 (Your Commute To And From School/Work/Etc.)

My commute? Right. Well umm yeah. I don’t commute. I work from home or where ever I have computer access. I don’t go to school and when I do want to be educated on anything I do the research all on my own. My kid doesn’t go to traditional schooling, I home school her. So I will tell you of my commute to see my family and my pack.

Now I currently live in Columbus, OH. My mother, her husband, and my brother live fairly close by. So not much commute there. But I have, what I consider family, all over the country. I have family from coast to coast and everywhere in between. At least once a year I try to escape and go see my other family around the country.

My last escape I packed up my van and my daughter and disappeared across country for a little over a month. I traveled to Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, and a few states in between there as well. I love this trip. And I can’t wait to do it again.

We drive for as long as I can stay awake and then crash at a cheap motel. We get up, grab breakfast, and hit the road again. We usually get to Flagstaff by around 8PM. I usually stay with some awesome friends and pack members. It’s kind of become custom to have pizza on the night we get in. I mean it’s quick. easy, and can be grabbed as I am pulling into town.

We spend a couple of weeks in Flagstaff, AZ with my friends and pack and play tourist. I love the area there. You get high desert, beautiful weather, little nick nacky shops, great food, and great people. I hate having to leave, but eventually I have to get back to my life and reality.

Then it’s back roads out of Arizona, past the Grand Canyon, and into the back side of New Mexico, and up into the mountains of Colorado. I come on some odd back roads and get to see a lot of beautiful country. Usually about the time we start hitting slippery mountain passes I’m getting tired so we stop at a rest area and pass out for a few hours. I get to my next stop in the early afternoon. High up in the Rockies, up past Pikes Peak in Teller County, CO. I have family that I’ve known since high school that we visit with for a week or so. We usually celebrate the last night we are in town by going and getting some of the best freaking pizza I have ever had.

When I leave Colorado I always stop in Manitou Springs and head to The Garden of the Gods for some fun wandering and rock scrambling. This last time I took my daughter to Cave of the Winds. Then it’s onto 24 and out through Kansas. We usually drive all day just to get across Kansas on 70. It’s a dreadfully dull drive. There is very little to see as you drive across the state. The running joke we have is, “Wheat field, wheat field, COW, wheat field, wheat field, CORN, wheat field, wheat field, Telephone pole…” It’s not that bad really but damn it feels like it. We drive into Missouri and get to Kansas City way late into the night. But it’s worth the wait.

My foster daughter and my granddaughter await us there. I hardly get to see them any more, so when I get the chance I take it. We spend the night catching up and then it’s up bright and early to head back to Columbus which is about a ten hour drive. When we get back the first thing we do is get out of the car and stretch. It feels weird to be home after a month on the road. But at the same time it is good to know I have a home to come back to.

Of course it’s not all just driving and visiting. My daughter is my personal DJ. She changes out my CD’s for me as I need new music so I am not stuck trying to find a radio station that I can tolerate. But this means that one minute we can be listening to Marilyn Manson or Disturbed and the next minute we might be listening to Kenny Loggins or Gregorian Chant. The music selection can be a little odd at times but it keeps us both awake and happy.

We sing a lot while we are on the road. Sometimes we listen to a movie over the speakers while she watches in the back seat. Other times we take turns making up and telling each other stories. And sometimes we just talk about the most random things. It’s very educational for both of us. We both learn so much about the areas we are traveling though as well as about ourselves and each other.

I really can’t wait for our next adventure. I honestly think if I could figure out a way to do it, I would just buy a huge RV and turn it into our forever home so we could travel all over when ever we wished and see all there is to see. It would be a grand adventure and there would never be an end to the learning and exploring…

SO… tell me dear reader, what is your commute like? Is it an adventure or just something you do because you must?



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