30 Day Writing Challenge Day 9 (Your Feelings on Ageism)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 9 (Your Feelings on Ageism)

Okay let me first define “Ageism”, so that we are all on the same page. As defined on Dictionary.com;

1. discrimination against persons of a certain age group.
2. a tendency to regard older persons as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment.
Now that is what the dictionary says. I see “Ageism” as discrimination of any age in general and the thought that people of certain ages are only good enough for one thing or not good enough at all. I see it as a discrimination of age groups and the interaction of age groups with one another. With that said here are my feelings on the entire subject.
I am warning you now that I am going to have to get into some details about my personal life and the people involved. So if you don’t want the deep down, nitty gritty, and more unique aspects of my life you may not want to read this post. You have been warned.
Lets start with a big issue for me. Our sons and daughters can go to war in foreign countries and fight for our freedom at the delicate and barely mature age of 18. Yet they can not purchase or legally drink intoxicating beverages in the very country they defend. What the fuck is wrong with our government? If you are old enough to fight and die for your country, if you are old enough to make national decisions in voting polls, then why are you not able to get an alcoholic beverage? GRRRR!
Now onto another age issue that irks the hell out of me. Dating. If two consenting adults want to be together then age should not matter. According to our county’s laws you are a legal adult the moment you turn 18. I figure at that point you have the right to be with whomever you wish to be with as long as that person is a consenting adult as well. I have people in my life that are in relationships with people significantly older/younger than themselves. People in their 30’s in meaningful relationships with people in their early 20’s. People in their early 40’s with people in their late 50’s. People in their 20’s in relationships with partners who are over twice their age. You know what, it’s none of your business. As long as all parties concerned are consenting adults, who cares. I don’t. I’m happy for each and every one of them. I am happy that they found someone that makes them happy. I am happy that they have someone that makes them feel alive and real. I am happy that they have found someone that wants them as much as they want the other person. If everybody is happy, and of legal age… Why stand in the way of love and happiness?
Ladies and gentleman, at some point age becomes nothing more than another number to keep track of. It is the number of times you have had the honor of traveling around the sun one more time. Eventually that number is not going to be mean a damned thing to anyone. It’s just a number. Quit looking at young kids fresh out of high school and telling them to grow up or not to grow up. Quit looking at what you might consider an older or elderly couple bouncing in the puddles, and telling them to get a life and grow up already. Age is just a number. It does not define us. It does mean anything other than what you make of it.
I have had partners/lovers/relationships/etc… with people three times my age and with people that were literally six days younger than me. I have had the pleasure of the company of people who were many decades my senior and I was honored to hear their tales and talk of the old ways of things. I have had the pleasure of the company of some very young souls who imparted such wisdom that my mind still reels from it. Do not speak of age as if it is something to be feared or scorned. As I’ve said before it is simply a number…
And you, my dear reader, what are your views? I’m more than happy to listen and learn…




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