30 Day Writing Challenge Day 10 (A Fruit You Dislike)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 10 (A Fruit You Dislike)

Well then, this is a weird one. I actually love fruit. Fruit is amazing. From apples to berries to bananas to kiwi to star fruit to coconut and pineapple. I love fruit. I actually had to ask my mother if there were any fruits that I didn’t care for. Her answer was, “Jack fruit, it smells like moldy muck.”

But how in the name of Hades am I supposed to do an entire blog post on a fruit I don’t like? I have no idea either.

I don’t like plantains. They remind me of really chalky, over ripe bananas. I don’t care if you cook them in butter and brown sugar or decorate them up. I simply don’t like them. I mean if they were actually over ripe bananas then they might have a use. But as they are they are just yucky. A waste of space in the culinary universe.

Now an over ripe banana…that has uses. I can make epic, moist, fresh out of the oven banana bread. Muffins, pancakes, deserts galore. But a plantain? Nope can’t do a damn thing with them. More’s the pity.

So tell me dear reader, what fruit bothers you the most? Which one can you simply not tolerate? Is it something about the smell, the taste, the texture? Or is it that it is just too weird looking to attempt to eat?


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