Writing Challenge Day 7 (What Tattoos Do You Have and Do They Have Any Meaning)

Writing Challenge Day 7 (What Tattoos Do You Have and Do They Have Any Meaning)

Tattoos. One of my favorite subjects. I love body modification in all sorts of forms. I love piercings, gauges, tattoos, industrial piercings, sub-dermal piercings, corset piercings…I could go on forever. But the funny thing is I don’t have any mods of my own. I have a few I want and they do have a very specific meaning for me, but I’ve yet to have them done. Let me tell you what I want, why I want it, and why I’ve yet to get it.

The first tattoo I ever wanted was a phoenix. Now the phoenix in mythology is all about rebirth, new beginnings, and literally crawling out of the ashes of your last explosion and starting over. The phoenix’s life cycle starts from the ashes of it’s death and goes forth to great beauty and wonder. A phoenix can carry great burdens without strain. It’s tears have great healing powers. And above all, no matter how many times the phoenix bursts into flames and ash, it is reborn and is given new life to go forth and do more amazing things. I’ve wanted a phoenix across my back since I was about 14. I wanted the phoenix to guard my back and remind me that no matter how often I crashed and burned I would still be able to get back up and fight the good fight. But it also has spiritual meaning for me as well. In the Native American society that I grew up around I was named Dances With Fire. These days I go by Fyre Dancer. I changed it when I was 16 and went through a ceremony to become a woman. (I promise to write a full blog on that aspect of my life at some point, just not today please.) I see the phoenix as an aspect of my very soul. I crash and burn time and time again. I have been through hell so many times I have lost count. I have walked through fire and flames literally and figuratively more often than any sane person would be willing to endure. The main reason I haven’t gotten my phoenix done is that I have this feeling that I have one more lesson to learn, one more crash and burn coming, one more trial if you will… And then and only then will I be ready for my phoenix and I to become one.

The next tattoo that I want is for my biological daughter. I don’t believe on putting anyone’s name on my body and that goes for my kids too. But I am all about symbology  and imagery. My daughter’s name means “The Bridge Between Sun and Moon”. Her spirit animal is a giant wolf. So in her honor I want a celtic knot work sun and moon connected with two running  wolves in between them. I want it as an arm band. I have’t decided whether I want the wolves to be realistic or knot work as well. I still have time to work that one out. I don’t know when I will get it done. But I want it as a representation of my love and dedication to my daughter.

The third one I want is actually the one I want to get first. I want to get a semi-colon tattoo on my inner wrist. When I was a teenager I did some stupid things. (Don’t we all at that age?) Anyway I have some lovely scars on my wrists from some bad choices, and not all of them are from the things you might be thinking. Anyway I want a semicolon with dragonfly wings. The semicolon represents a continuation. A pause where something more gets to happen. There is an entire page on it, here. Basically it’s where an author could have ended a sentence but decided to go on. You are the author and the sentence is your life. Now for the whole dragonfly thing. That has two meanings. My mother’s thing is dragonflies. She is drawn to them and them to her. But they also represent constant growth and change as well adaptability. I want to have something that says, “Yes, I chose to continue on and do more and be more.” I want something that says, “I have grown and changed, and I continue to do so.”

So no, outside of having basic piercings in my ears, I don’t have any pretty mods. YET. When I do get them I will share all my happy with all of you!



2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge Day 7 (What Tattoos Do You Have and Do They Have Any Meaning)

  1. No tattoos here either – but only because if I started I would want to go big! I have a craving for a full-back tattoo of a painting by Jim Fitzpatrick. I’m not sure if I’d trust a tattoo artist to get it the way I wanted either!


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