Been out for a bit…

Been out for a bit…

So I know I was doing my writing challenge and then poof, I’m gone offline for nine days. I really am sorry. Life decided to hand me a platter of insanity and it did not go down well. Between emergency runs to the hospital, doctors appointments, medical testing, personal and family needs, and other such emergencies…well I have not had the time I had hoped to dedicate my blog or my writing.

So here it is almost 10 days later and I am finally able to sit down at a computer and put words to page and type out new thoughts. I have not been idle to say the least and in between all the chaos I have still managed to get research done and actually learn some new and nifty things. (I shan’t share them now, but maybe at a later time.)

Anyway, hopefully my life is slowing down to it’s normal level of chaos and not the open interstate at rush hour version I have been dealing with. I promise to get back to my writing challenge. I was debating on doing all ten days over the weekend, and realized that it would be insane and too time consuming. SO… I am going to do a couple blog posts a day until I catch up. I hope that appeases the slavering wolf that is my muse.  And I hope all my readers will forgive me my absence and my slow crawl to catch up.

May the day bring you peace, joy, happiness, wonder, brightness, and amazement. May the night bring you cool breezes to soothe your aches, starlit skies to light your way, and sweetest dreams and restful sleep…


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