Author Interview: Angelica Cat

What a wonderful author interview. I cant wait to read the next one!

Meeting With The Muse

Kelly played the baby grand piano in the middle of this old, abandoned mansion. The piano wasn’t in perfect tune, but it still played, and that worked well enough for Kelly. The music drifted from the keys up the rafters, through empty halls where only dusty, forgotten paintings of past owners of this mansion still hung. Kelly didn’t play anything particular—just whatever came to her fingertips, and she wore it into a mesmerizing song.

Suddenly, a portal opened beside the piano, and Kelly smiled when she locked eyes with her bewildered guest. She wrapped up the song then rose to her feet. “Angelica Cat, fantastic to meet you. I’m Kelly Blanchard. Hope you don’t mind this setting. You did tell me to choose whatever, so…” Kelly motioned to their surroundings then looked back at Angelica to see what she thought.

Angelica was beyond bewildered when she was told she had…

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