30 Day Writing Challenge Day 6 (Someone That Intrigues You and Why?)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 6 (Someone That Intrigues You and Why?)

Day six and I am still managing to stay on track. Go me! So tonight’s question is thus: Someone who intrigues you and why? This is a very difficult question for me as I am intrigued by many individuals of all walk of life and for a multitude of reasons. How can I choose just one to discuss. This a bit of quandary for me and I admit that I am not sure how to proceed. But none the less I shall try to answer this question with as much honesty and thought as possible. 

Okay so after a lot of thought and realizing that most of my choices for an individual would do one of several things… It would out me or someone else in way that would upset the balance of the universe, it would scare the hell out of some of my followers, or it would be straight up boring. So like I said I am cheating. I chose a select group of people and their culture, customs, and ways.

Ancient Egypt and the Nile River Region. This has been a fascination of mine for as long as I can remember. I love that these people built a massive empire in the middle of the desert and made it so incredibly huge that we are still finding out more about it to this day. They had a religion and belief system that explained everything in a very logical way. The held the human body as sacred and preserved the body long after the soul had gone on. They built monuments and statues and great halls in honor of their gods and the servants of their gods.

Even their gods were so epic that to this day people still worship them and collect idols of them. Stories are still told of the ancient times and movies are dedicated to it too. Some of the tales told are so intense and terrifying that the Brother’s Grimm would run and hide under their bed sheets. Whilst other tales are so glorious that one finds themselves apt with anticipation and a need to know the next piece of the puzzle.

The great rulers of the Nile were said to be gods themselves. The very physical representation of the sun as it shone down upon the people under it’s ever watchful eye. The great pharaohs of the land ruled with an iron fist. They loved and fought with the same great passion. Yet above all they too, honored all the gods.

One of my favorite stories is the story of Isis and Osiris. Brother and Sister, Husband and Wife, All Mother and Lord of the Underworld, all in perfect balance. Part of the story goes that Osiris was slaughtered by his envious snake brother Set. Set diced up Osiris into a million pieces and scattered his body across the lands. Isis, so in love with Osiris created a special sarcophagus just for his, and found each piece of Osiris and placed it in the coffin. Then she set the fully encased pieces into the Nile, aka the waters of life, and healed him. When he came back to life Isis was pregnant with their son Horus. Horus went on to settle the score between his father and uncle. But the biggest thing is in all of this there is balance and a story of love and rebirth.

Each great ruler left their mark on the valley they ruled over. Each built bigger and greater monuments to their gods of choice. Each ruled in his or her chosen way. Such a beautiful lifestyle and belief system, and yet we still know so little…





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