30 Day Writing Challenge Day 5 (Where would you live, that you have never visited)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 5 (Where would you live, that you have never visited)

Day 5 and I am getting this one out a little earlier than usual as I have plans this evening and I don’t want to fall behind again.( Fair warning this one is going to be a very short post) The question to be answered today is: Where would I live, that I have yet to visit?

The simplest answer is this;  I wouldn’t live anywhere. Now I know that sounds a bit strange. But allow me to explain a bit in depth.

If I could live anywhere, I would live everywhere. I would have a home base in the hills of Arizona or the mountains of Colorado, somewhere I could come back to and escape from the world in general. But I would not live in one location. I would pack up my laptop, tablet, a few changes of clothes, my passport, and my kid of course… along with a few other life essentials. I would travel the world and write of my adventures. I would spend 6-8 months in each new place.

I would study cultures and languages. I would talk to people of all walks of life and my characters would get to go on those journeys with me. And if I really fell in love with a place I might consider staying longer. I would come home for a few months every year to sort my life, settle my affairs, and make sure that my world was still on track. And then off to another part of the world we would go. I would collect old folk tales and traditional songs and music. I would learn the ways of different martial arts and ancient paths. I would visit the most haunted locations all over the world and trace down the origins of my favorite stories.

In short I would live around the world for the rest of my days. Going where ever my feet could take me and places that they couldn’t. I would live in giant sprawling cities and small mountain villages. I would live on river boats in the Amazon and grass huts in the heat of the Savannah. I would live where the ancient of ancients trod and the newest of new are born.

I think it would be the most wonderful thing to live everywhere and nowhere all at once. How about you? Where would you go? What would you do? Tell me, I’m waiting…



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