30 Day Writing Challenge Day 4 (10 Interesting Facts About Me)

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 4 (10 Interesting Facts About Me)

10 Interesting Facts About Me… Lucky You!

Okay… so this is going to be fun for you, but irritating as hell for me. I actually don’t like poking at myself with a dull stick, but here we go anyway. 

Fact One: I do not in fact want to do this bloody post. But I suppose that’s not what you want to hear… *Le Sigh* All right, I’ll play fair. 

Fact One (for real this time): When I was much younger and lot more naive, I wanted to grow up and be a veterinarian of zoological science. I wanted to go to UCDavis, and work at the medical center at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. It was my goal in life to work with critters of every size and shape. The more exotic the better. Of course once I got to high school and realized how very much I hated school in general and that achieving my goal would require an additional eight years of schooling… well yeah. Lets just say I found other outlets for my love of critters and healing.

Fact Two: I have a severe fascination with anatomy, physiology, and psychology. Like to the point that I will literally spend days learning techniques on how to break or mend all of the above. I also study psychology techniques to better get into the heads of my characters and better understand the people I find myself being forced to be around. I like anatomy for a few reasons; I like knowing how to fix my friends and family as well as myself and truth be told I really like knowing how to “unfix” it too… you know for, research. *devious grin*

Fact Three: When I was almost 19 I joined the carnival. Yep, that’s right, I ran away with the carnival. Sorry, the circus wasn’t in town at the time.  And my mother actually approved of my decision. I did ride operations, set up, break down, you name it. But for the most part I worked as a “Guesser”. For a price I would guess your age within 2 years, your weight within 5 pounds, or the month of your birth. If I was wrong you got a big fluffy stuffed animal. If I was right, I kept your money and got to watch you get pissed off because I obviously cheated somehow.

Fact Four: When I was 14 my brother and I did Vaulting for a summer. For those of you who don’t know the term, we did gymnastics on horse back. We did flips, jumps, standing, riding tricks, you name it. And we did it all on the back of a very large Belgium named Dudley. Did I mention that one starts on the ground and runs after the already running horse, grabs handle bars near the neck of said horse, and throws oneself into the air and onto the still running horse. Doesn’t that sound just freaking awesome? It actually was a lot of fun and my brother and I learned a lot about ourselves and our love of riding. We also learned a lot of patience and appreciation for the more skilled riders in our lives.

Fact Five: I am utterly terrified of heights! Of course, now you’re wondering why this is interesting. The interesting part of it is this; I LOVE rock climbing and rock scrambling. I love standing on the ground and looking at a mountain cliff and then conquering it. I love standing at the top of the world and knowing that I made it up there on my own volition. I love standing on the edge of the mountain, the wind ripping around  me and almost pushing me over that super fine edge, my toes curling and my head spinning, and knowing that but there for the grace of deity go I. And at the end of the day when I come down and I’m on flat ground again, I love knowing that somewhere out there is another mountain, another cliff, another rock face to conquer just begging for my time and determination.

Fact Six: I am also horribly claustrophobic. But a long time ago, in a alternate universe, in a galaxy far far away… I was a flight attendant and worked on a tiny Turbo Prop 30 Passenger plane. Just me and my two pilots. I would get up at 3:00 AM, drive to our private hangar, stock my plane, straighten up a few things, greet my pilots for my next 4-5 day trip, and off we go. Let me tell you something about those little Saab Turbo Props. You think as a passenger you have no freaking breathing room, right? HA! You know nothing! As a flight attendant (and a plus sized lady at that) there was about a hair’s breath of space between my body and the door to the aircraft and the seats in front of me. Let me ask you something else… You ever have the idiotic notion of using the lavatory on one of those things? I’d rather “hold it” for 8 hours and wait until I get to my hotel, thanks anyway. But it was a great gig with amazing people and a lot of good memories. If it weren’t for my daughter and my health needs, I’d go back in heart beat!

Fact Seven: My grandfather was a marine. But not just any old average marine, he was a hard core, down to the nitty gritty, old fashioned, old school MARINE! He fought for our country in Pre-Engagement and WWII (Pacific Theater), Korea and Vietnam. The likely hood of me being here today is almost a miracle as he was one of 17 survivors of an entire battalion. When he finally retired (Not that a marine ever really retires) he became a photo journalist for the Marine Corps in Desert Storm and other Middle Eastern Conflicts. Semper Fi! HOORAH!

Fact Eight: I have held a human lung. Not a model, the real deal. It was freeze dried and sitting on my mother’s professor’s desk at the end of her class. My mother has a fascination with educating the young and has no qualms answering any questions a young mind might have. I was in preschool and my mother was in college. So I got to tag along with her to a few of her cooler classes. I learned about meiosis and mitosis, genetics, and other nifty things like Punnett Squares at a very young age. So one day after class I was wandering around and picked up a yellowish piece of, what I thought was Styrofoam, and asked… “What’s this?”

“That’s a lung.” My mother states with such obviousness that I know she must be joking.

“A real… human…lung?” I dropped it and squealed like the child I was… I was freaked and then totally amused as hell and I fell in love with the whole biology side of things. To this day it still amuses me to no end.

Fact Nine: I have chameleon eyes. My eyes change colors with my mood, the colors of my clothes or the make-up I’m wearing, the weather patterns, you name it. They don’t just shift from shades of hazel or shades of green. They straight up change colors. One minute sky blue, the next deep green. I throw on smokey eye shadow and bright red lipstick and my eyes turn into bluish grey storms. If I wear the right shade of dark or hunter green, my eyes become lightning kissed glowing green orbs. When I am furious with the universe or having a horrible down right nasty day, my eyes go deep purple almost black. They literally do change with every little thing. Eventually you get used to it, but if it’s the first time you’ve seen them shift it can be a little eerie.

Fact Ten: When I was about 12 years old I won a Tomahawk Throwing Contest. It was my first time at a Rendezvous. A Rendezvous is an 1800’s Fur Trading, Trapping, Mountain Man Reenactment. Think Amtguard for big burly guys in leathers and furs, they drink homemade moonshine, throw knives and tomahawks, shoot black powder rifles, trade furs and homespun gear and other things for a decent price… Anyway we went with friends from down the street to our first Rendezvous in The Laguna Mountains of California. I wore a homespun dress and everything. I picked up a tomahawk and started playing around with it. It turned out I was actually fairly decent. I entered and won the throwing contest that day. I still throw knives and tomahawks when I have the space and time. It’s one of my favorite past times to this day.

Well, there you have it. Ten, hopefully, interesting facts about me. Tell me something about yourself…




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