Writing Challenge: Day One (5 things wrong with social media)

So of course I set myself this awesome goal that I am in fact going to do this 30 day writing challenge and I miss my first post deadline by over an hour and a half. I would love to blame multiple sources for my procrastination, least of all the fact that I was home for about 2 full hours today. But the bottom line is I didn’t take the time out to write. So you will get two full blog post from me today. One for the first and one for the second. Here goes…

Day One: 5 things wrong with social media:

Well for starters I am sure there are way more than five. *le sigh* But the object of this writing challenge is to answer the question given to me, and so I shall try.

  • Issue One: Social Media is over run by people who have too much money and too much time on their hands.
    • I realize this sounds like a blatantly obvious point. But let me elaborate. If you want to do anything eye catching on social media you either need a ton of “Friends and Followers” or a very large amount of money to promote your page and get your hard work acknowledged and noticed. This goes for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, you name it. If you can’t pay to get your name and information out there you are straight out of luck. Now of course if all you want to do is look at pictures of cats all day then you have nothing to be concerned with. This brings me to my second issue.
  • Issue Two: Friends and Followers can and are bought.
    • Why pray tell, would you want to buy friends and followers? Well that’s easy. To get noticed of course. The more people stalking your “page” on whatever social media, the more attention you get, the more you and your brand and your name are seen. Heaven forbid you have morals and actually work to build a fanbase. Most social medias are more than happy to take your money to “boost your posts”. Grrrr… Of course if you aren’t willing or in most of our cases, not able to pay that fee you are lucky if a tenth of your fan base actually sees any of your posts.
  • Issue Three: Can we say “Dirty Laundry”?
    • On all social medias people seem to think it is a good idea to air out their personal and not so personal dirty laundry. It’s one thing to make a post about celebrating your birthday or doing that big awesome thing you always wanted to do. It’s a complete other thing to go on a public forum and post pics of your ex with their new partner and bitch and whine about how horrible they are. Believe it or not, that’s not what social media is all about. The universe is not on the internet to listen to you whine about so and so and such and such cheating or leaving or whatever horrible thing you think they did. With that said a person has no right whatsoever to air out everyone else’s dirty laundry either. If it isn’t your own personal issue, please keep it to yourself. Im sure the grocery lady that reads your wall really wants to know about the smells coming from your next door neighbor’s patio, but the rest of us simply don’t care.
  • Issue Four: Restrictions on posted media.
    • Now when I say restrictions… I mean silly things like banning pictures of mothers breastfeeding and naked babies in the bathtub, yet allowing blatant pictures of damn near nudity and sexual acts all because the nipples and pubic area are “covered”. I have no problem with people showing off their bodies in any fashion, no matter shape, size, or color. I think if you are comfortable with you body and you want to share it, that’s your thing, and you are welcome to it. I think pictures of women breastfeeding are natural and beautiful and not pornographic. I think pictures of beautiful men and women in lacking clothing are beautiful and natural as well. But, (yes there is a but coming) there is a time and place for all things. I think social media has idiotic rules on the when, where and what… *Grrrrr*
  • Issue Five: No age restriction control:
    • I know that a lot of social media has age limits for things. But those age restrictions are easily bypassed by lying about your age. So when twelve year old little boys and girls stumble into “Restricted Adult Areas” and run screaming to mommy and daddy, the real adults get punished for having non-vanilla tastes, and the kiddies get rewarded for telling mommy and daddy about the bad things they saw. The problem is, as adults we assume that we are interacting with adults and many of us don’t take the time to get proof that “MRl00t101” is actually an adult as well and so you go about your business. But the minute that the underaged user comes across material that shouldn’t be seen until they can join the military, Our Adult rated sites get in trouble, we loose our fun, and the government has a freaking hay day with our rights. Do I have a full proof solution? The answer, is of course, no. I’m open to suggestions. I don’t let my kid use the internet without supervision. I learned that lesson the hard way. *sighs*

Alright well, my rant session is over. I hope it gave you some insight into my crazy universe. I happily welcome feedback and input. I’ll see you in a few hours for “tomorrow’s challenge post”!



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