Book Review of “Some Day I’ll Be Redeemed” (Chronicles of Lorrek Book One)

Book Review of “Some Day I’ll Be Redeemed” (Chronicles of Lorrek Book One)


Author: Kelly Blanchard

ISBN: 978-1530066483

Published by Scripton Publishing


“The powerful sorcerer and the youngest prince of Cuskelom, Prince Lorrek, returns after disappearing ten years ago, and he finds himself accused a terrible deeds, but he claims his innocence though none believe him. In a time when advanced technology challenges ancient magic to war, Lorrek realizes in order to clear his name, he must become the very monster they say he is, but will he remember who he really is or fall into darkness completely?” ~ Kelly Blanchard           


Let me begin this review by saying that while some elements of this are similar to others you may have read, this book is literally a one of a kind adventure for the avid reader. The author blends worlds of magic with that of greatly advanced scientific technology, and yet these worlds blend without colliding. It is a very well put together and thought out world and universe.

I was greatly pleased by the diversity of characters and the grace with each was given life. Each character is utterly unique in the most wonderful of ways. When I felt that I had finally figured out each main character’s motives, I was taught a lesson in humility and simply had to keep reading to see where I had guessed wrong.

Though the story is seen from multiple character points of view it flows without catching one off guard or causing the reader to stop and reorient themselves with the new mind set. The story flows from one person to the next as they each tell their individual piece of the tale being told. Yet without the input of these characters the story could not be properly told.

I would recommend this book to fantasy and sci-fi lovers alike. There is something for everyone in this book. Each chapter is a new puzzle piece. Each page a new adventure. And even when the last page has been read and you think you have come to the end, there is so much more you wish to know. I thoroughly look forward to next book in the Chronicles of Lorrek, and so should you.

You can find “Some Day I’ll Be Redeemed” here on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

You can follow her on Twitter @Kellannetta and Facebook  @Author Kelly Blanchard

And the next book in “The Chronicles of Lorrek” is being posted on Wattpad as well.

And last but not least all her endeavours can be found on her website @ Kelly Blanchard





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