The Personality of Writing

Such a great reminder…. and Now, back to writing!

Cinemagraphic Writing

I want to write, but there’s no time!” – the most common excuse I hear from wannabe writers. Now this excuse can be twisted in other forms such as, “I can’t find the time” or “I’m going to be too busy,” and so forth.

Writing is a very unusual child. It is most patient and quiet. Oh, it will nag you with ideas and whisper pleas for you to write, but it won’t scream on top of its lungs at you forcing you to strap it down and shove food into its mouth.

No, writing is like the child at the table who wants someone to pass the salt, but instead of asking, she simply stares at the salt shaker as if willing someone to read her mind or for the salt to pass itself. That is why it is easy to ignore it and to put it on…

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