Being Broken…Physically

So I tripped and fell. We all have those days where our feet get in the way and down we go, right? Well I have entire weeks like that. I was out with my daughter and my mother grabbing a bite to eat. I went to the restroom and along the way the floor decided not to connect with my feet, or vice versa, and I fell. No biggie. Except this is me. So when I fall I do it to epic proportions. I was sore and I was sure I had twisted a few things in the wrong direction, but I would live, or so I thought.

Hours later at the hospital I find myself in tears and spasms of literal knee jerking pain. Yay for medical practitioners and their wisdom… they swore nothing was damaged, just tweaked. I got sent “home” with lots of wonderful knock-me-out-pain-killers, and orders to see my regular doc ASAP, oh yeah and don’t drive. Well this was a Friday night and so of course I couldn’t do anything until Monday morning. Monday rolled around and my docs all agreed to meet me in the next following days. Tuesday rolls around to find me getting pretty pictures of the inside of my leg done. Yep. I broke my ankle. Not just broke, but in fact chipped off a chunk of the bone. I’m that skilled. Also messed up my knee real good, and did something to my nerves in my lower back and my leg so that I go into random screaming fits of pain while my leg decides to fold in on itself and try to kill me.

I spent the last week (plus) at my mother’s home while I got to be drugged out of my skull and get nothing accomplished. YAY ME! So today I am finally home. I slept in my own bed last night. I got up and did over a week’s worth of homework with my daughter. I ate food, which some days just never makes it on the list. I got to whine about my injuries here on my blog and now I’m off to let my characters create their own tales in new and fascinating ways.

In more recent news… The prologue and first chapter of my new horror story are about done and ready to be sent in. ALL THE HAPPY!!! Krystianna is FINALLY back to talking with me and I hope we are done fighting so the next part of her life can be put to the page. MORE HAPPY! And I am cutting back on the pain meds so I am more coherent and functional and it doesn’t seem to be killing me as much today. GO ME!


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