My First Attempt At This “Blog” Thing

Well… I’ve done it. I created a blog.

As if I didn’t already have three or four other projects going that I need to be paying attention to, I’ve created another. I hope you are all happy. LOL. I’ve been meaning to do this blog thing for a good bit now and I just never got around to it. Tonight my muse bit me in the proverbial ass and said, “HEY! I know, lets make a blog…” So here it is.

I hope to drop tidbits of my muse’s thoughts and my odd randomness here as the nights go by. I might leave insight on my current goings on or links to other wondiferous people and things. Who knows. Having never had a blog or anything similar I am not sure how this will play out.

With that said here is my first bit of randomness. My first published creation can be found on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Barnes and Noble’s. I tried to include links to the best of my abilities but I am not feeling tech savvy tonight so if it doesn’t work, I’m sorry. LOL. I also did an awesome interview a little while back with Inklings Press on their blog Altered Instinct about my book Cold Crypt Cellars.

Well it’s been fun kiddies, but I have tales to tell and stories to write… more to come in the future I hope.


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